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Project Consultation

Exploration, Management & Advice

Whether you have already started your technology project or you are still exploring your options, come in for a consultation and we can advise on best practises and options for staffing. With over 100+ years combined experience in the industry you can trust that we will give you valuable insights.

We also offer strategy documentation and analysis.

Project Assessment

Feasibility Studies, Independent Reviews
Before you embark on a new tech project come and let us do a feasibility study for you. Know your risks, options and best practises before you begin. Increase your chances of success. We assess existing projects and document our findings especially in the event that something has gone wrong. Technology projects are often complex and the route cause of delays or failures may require investigation.

Turnkey Solutions

Ariella Murahwa has made a number of turnkey solutions over the years in the fields of education, social networking, logistics and human resources.


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